Design and Testing for Building Pad Preparation

What would the consequence be if you had subgrade failure, there would be structural failure, cracks due to uneven slab and footing settlement. Structural failure can result in inadequately prepared and poorly compacted subgrade. In the case of slab on ground for residential buildings an ideal subgrade should be well drained, have a uniform bearing capacity, achieve compaction density requirements in accordance with Australian and State standards and/or Engineer.

Remember when choosing a Lot or Site for your project take into consideration the aspect of the early construction stages where machinery access is essential. You may need to consult your Building Design Draftsperson in regards to design, layout and positioning of the building so that earthworks preparation can be carried out correctly and within the boundary’s so that proper compaction can be gained without hindrances due to the lack of room provided on the site area.

Post by Stephen Collins of Dowse & Co Building Design and Drafting service.